Is it my charge port itself.. or is it just outlived its potential.

Hello there!

Ok here's my issue.. (maybe I'm paranoid)

I have a Samsung galaxy tab a 8.0

I bought it of eBay at a great deal.. 84.00$ after it was said and done.

I was so happy... I had been able to play hearthstone, use FB and watch whatever I wanted for approx. 2.5 months, then the problems came. It stopped charging. It was a kinda used tab, it had scuffs on sides, backs, etc. So I knew it was really used.

At first I was convinced that my issues were charge cable and port related. (Forgot to add that the seller did not include the factory chargecord/port.)

So I had to experiment on different ports, and cord combos.

I had a cheap cord and a iPhone 7 charger port. that worked best.

All was cool.. then I noticed battery life draining way to fast. It would be at 35% and is play on it for about an hour and is be at 5% (an example..i can't remember)

So I'm like.. crap.. it's gotta be the battery.

I ordered a new battery and install tools for 20usd. Never done really any tech repair.. so I watched a tutorial and boom 6 minutes later the install was done.

Proud of myself and the battery being shipped at 55 % I proceed to game and binge watch Hulu for a few hours... left the battery at 16% and plugged it in.

Still not having a true blue samsung setup I was still uneasy about the charge process... it charged slow to say the least but when I woke it was at about 95%.

I drained it thoroughly that day.. knowing I shouldn't have lol.

Well it was since just crapping around the charging process. Annoying!

I got on Amazon and ordered a nice and sturdily built charger for tablets. A 3.1 amp micro ish charger with a nifty blue glow beam. It had amazing reviews and most people shared that they had experienced similar issues with factory stock chargers and it was a lot of people saying that their chargers sucked. They all bought this and loved it.

One man even claiming a 6%charge rate every 10 minutes. I bought it and had same day put on it.

Here I am sitting from 0% - 11% in the last 20 minutes. Wow and omg.

So need less to say that it might have solved my issue between battery install and charger purchase.

But I'm like actually stressing when this stuff happens and now I'm hyper sensitive to my battery life.

So much that I have power saving on and screen dimmed.

Thanks for reading!

Okay So I know that people claim that cleaning cache partition solves issue.. so I do it. Maybe to much.

I need advice. Could it be that the tablets "dying" and regardless of battery or charger it's demise is enevitable.what to do?

Advice? Pointers or subtle shut ups?

Thanks guys -wes

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Wes, so now it is charging properly? How is it discharge wise?


Actually I am having no problems.

The charger is amazing... performs really well and functions as advertised.

Kinda makes me wonder why I hadn't thought of getting a new charger before.

I guess I always thought that if the manufacturer shipped a charger with a device that that was the only one you need.

It's sad that even with a stock charger you receive substandard speed and response.

All in all between the two "fixes", I think I solved my tablet problems for now.

I shall keep you updated.


Wait, if you solved it then what's the issue? To me it sounds like the cheap charger wasn't supplying enough amps through the iPhone stock brick.


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