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How do I fix an 'out2' problem?

My digital kitchen scales are showing an 'out2' message. According to google, this could be due to overloading, but I can't think how this might have happened, as I don't weigh anything very heavy :)

I've replaced the batteries and even taken the back off, but nothing was obviously loose (I'm not very electronically savvy, but it looked ok to me). The scale did show numbers after I put it back together, but reverted to the 'out2' message after I turned it off then on again.

The scales are are only 2 years old and not heavily used, so any suggestions would be appreciated. Would hate to add it to landfill :(

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@katemachin that is a tough one. Could be a memory issues caused by a depleted battery. It is also possible that this is an error to the LCD. I'd remove the complete circuit board and check for corrosion and check the contacts from the board to the LCD display. At this time you cannot cause anymore damage but could possibly fix it for good. Take plenty of pictures and post those with your question. that will allow us to see what you see. Use this guide for that.

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