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The Logitech M215 is a wireless, optical sensor mouse. It connects via USB to the computer and should run off generic device drivers.

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The USB stick does not work?

When i insert the USB on one of the ports of my laptop, it just does not work. I tried on a PC but still the same outcome. If you have any answer please share.

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Its rare to have a dud wireless mouse.

There's a good chance that both these computers are running Windows, yes? Windows tries to load any software called "drivers" related to whatever you're plugging in. At times, it also tries to connect to the internet to find updated drivers so that the device works as intended, to the best it can.

Leave it plugged in for a while and try it after some time has passed. It might just be a case of it not getting "installed" with the computer. That's my best guess.

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I got the same issues with mine. You might just want to buy another different one seeing as I left my plug in for over two days and its still not working.

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