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Lanciato il 24 ottobre 2011 / processori quad-core Intel Core i7 da 2,2, 2,4 o 2,5 GHz

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Device booting to black screen

I restarted my macbook and just after the apple logo appeared there were some flickering lines on the screen and then just a row of vertical red lines. I turned it off and attempted to reboot it but now all that happens is the optical clicks and the front indicator light comes on. Otherwise it's just a black screen, no boot tone.

I attempted reseating the RAM, both slots, a PRAM, SMC reset, and manually removing the battery. I also booted it with no RAM in it and got the beep tones so I believe my logic board is alive.

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Logic board has failed - based on the vertical lines and unable to boot.

Check out the last paragraph of this page:

The late 2011 15" have known logic board issues and actually had a recall on them. Might be worth calling apple and seeing if they will replace it still even though they ended the program.

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It was discovered a tantalum capacitor was degrading that was the root issue. Apple placed it too close to the GPU so it tended to cook a bit. Review this answer: Problem with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MB?


Interesting. Thanks for sharing!


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