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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Civic, first released in late 1991.

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How do I replace tumblers in ignition key cylinder? solved

1994 Honda Civic EX

I have a new ignition key cylinder that's suppose to be exact fit for car, but it isn't.

Everything looks the same except for the end that goes into ignition switch.

The old one is solid on that end, and the new one is slotted.

The new one will not go all of the way into switch.

So I thought maybe putting new tumblers into old cylinder would solve my problem.

I removed the retaining ring from old cylinder, and with key in cylinder I tried pulling the cylinder out of it. The key/cylinder/tumblers won't come out when I pull on key. What's keeping it from coming out and how can I replace these old tumblers?

Block Image

Block Image

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Get the correct part that actually works instead of trying to adapt the wrong part.

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LOL...didn't answer my question or help me...thanks anyway though...that would be the thing to do in a perfect world, and I wish that was the answer, but you don't know my situation sir.


Well then tell us your situation. And why did you have to replace it in the first place?


it was my understanding that this site was to help people fix their own stuff.

I don't see the problem with expecting that. I thought that replacing old levers in lock with the new levers from a new lock would suffice and save me money that I don't have to spend.

I know I'm no genius, but I am smart enough to know that the "right part" would have been the better solution.

Locksmiths change tumblers, levers and rekey locks every day so what's wrong with hoping a locksmith would have answered my question on here and helped me? Guess I was expecting too much.


I was talking about my 'financial', and 'time' situation.

Anyway, all of this doesn't matter anymore.

I dug deeper into the problem and found that the problem was not my key cylinder at all. So I fixed the problem.

Now I'll just return new key lock to store.



See. Return your old one and get a new one. Also, it is normally an electrical issue, which im sure is what you found out, rather than an issue with the key cylinder. Also locksmiths are professionals and have the proper tools to do these things, one mistake and you can ruin the lock cylinder and then you cant return it.


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It is insane to have that conversation on this page. It simply does not help anyone with anything. From someone looking for information on ignition switch.

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