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Il Samsung Galaxy S8+ è la versione maggiorata del telefono al top di gamma Samsung. Lanciato nell'aprile 2017.

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Broken front screen replacement

Ok help..

My kids knocked my s8 plus on the floor and the screen is now spiderwebbed.... what would be my best option for replacement... and what would the cost be????

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This phone is still relatively new, pretty much your only choice at the moment is to take it to an official Samsung store for a repair, and expect it to cost a pretty penny to!

The best reason to take it to an official Samsung store, is the fact that they are able to retain the phones water resistance, and you'll still be under warranty with them, I also believe they'll be the cheapest option at this moment in time. :-)

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I was purchased Samsung's8+ phone before 2 days and brokan my phone but company not repled a phone it's very bad ....I want a replace my phone.


360 dollars at CPR when I checked today (12/21/17)


Please someone can help me I have a Samsung s8 plus and it's front screen glass got broken I want to fix it


@ashfaq you will need to find someone who specialises in glass only refurbishing, unless you have damaged the entire display of course


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may be you can search the screen on ebay or amazon

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