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Rilasciata a novembre 2016, si caratterizza per l'aggiornamento hardware per giocare in 4K e prestazioni PSVR migliorate.

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I ripped my power supply off of my motherboard, can I fix it?

I ripped my power supply off of my motherboard of my PS4 Pro. I was wondering how do I get it back on

Update (04/15/2017)

Block Image

Block Image

here are some pictures

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Graham Plomp the only way of doing that is by rebuilding the pads (look like yours are non-existent) or by soldering wires where the traces are supposed to be. You can solder wires to the end of the leftover traces and then solder those to your PSU connector. Since this is a PITA repair and will require that you have some great skills and decent tools. If you are not sure, do not mess with it but run it by the pro on here and see what he thinks.

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