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Released in 1989 by apple computer, discontinued in 1991

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Tool kit for Macintosh se

Hello to everyone.

I need help because I've buyed a Macintosh Se 1/20 and probably the HD it's not in good condition in fact the system was loaded only one time, and after the only thing I can do it's a Macintosh icon with a "?" Inside.

If I try to install the system,the mac don't see the HD.

My question is: if I want to open the Macintosh, what is the tool kit that I have to buy here?

Is there anyone who know where I can find online an HD if I have to replace it?

Thank you very much.


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You'll need a long Extra Long Torx T15 screwdriver to reach the two screws located in the handle well. Otherwise a standard computer tool kit will work.

For the history fan's here's Clarus the DogCow that was one of the Icon images posted in the lawn of Apple infinite loop campus many years ago.

Block Image

Block Image

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Wow, I've never even used a T15, how times change. Now, it's all about the T4-T8 :)


@danj true that it takes a T15 to get those screws out. But that puny drivers not going to do the job! That's a very deep hole! My drivers are over a foot long. I had one custom made back then. One end was the T15, the other end I had a spreader put on with about 2 1/2 " long blades. It inserted into the sides and you squeezed it to spread the case apart. I';; see if I can locate it and post a photo.


Thank you!!! I'll try to open it and See if the problem is the hd.

Thank you again.


@reecee - Yes, they where big screws! I was told they needed to be this size as they feared the plastic would give.

I still have my Apple tool kit when I was working on them (original Mac 128) after coming back from my trip to Apple in California for training ;-}

We also had a spreader to help in separating the back. Often it's not needed if you use the shock method. With the display down on a soft surface slap the sides with an up stroke most of the time the back will pop off after a few attempts. Otherwise, a set of plastic spunger tools should do in a pinch if you don't have the custom tool.


@mayer - It was what IFIXIT has listed in the 128 model I was hoping it was long enough ;-{

Most likely they would need a wrench to grab it to twist it.


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Block Image

Block Image

@danj Here's my driver sitting on a 15" MacBook Pro for getting into the original Macs.

One end is the torx driver, the other is a case spreader.

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@mayer - Well Done!


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Any idea where to get just the T15? (And less than $35 for a tool you'll use once..) Or should I just get a dremel and cut it apart? I want to take the hard drive *out*, for "digital archeology" purposes (probably nothing there, but would be interesting). I have a SCSI HDD from an old external drive I had too - I can find a standard 5/12V power board easy enough. Then get another SE on the cheap and get data off via HD floppy and a USB Superdrive. (Along with a iLamp that will still run the OSX version that still has a Superdrive drive included!)

Ah, the joys of trying to get really old data off things. Did people ever have this problem with *really* ancient 8-inch (??) floppies? Or cassette based Apple 1/2?

The screen on my *very* old SE/30 ("well, of *course* it's old!") doesn't work (horizontal hold coils failed), and my external color monitor broke too (*vertical* hold coils failed). I think I had an XCeed 8-bit color board, and I can't get the Mac->VGA adapter I bought to work. I either can't find the right switch settings, or the monitor doesn't want to accept them, or "re-set" to try a new combination without cycling the power. I don't particularly want to have to turn the thing on and off (with what seems a 3-5 second warm-up time).

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