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Blu-ray player with built in wifi capabilities allows for media streaming of apps such as Netflix, Youtube, and Pandora.

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Why won't my device's streaming capability work?

My device won't stream certain apps like Netflix and YouTube, how do I fix it?

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Have you updated to the latest firmware available from Sony's website? Also, how fast is your Internet connection?


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Just so you're aware that this is a student (click on avatar) asking the question so you may not get an answer ;-)



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First make sure that your software is up to date. If the streaming software is not up to date you will have problems getting it to stream apps. Here is where you can learn about drivers:

The other solution to this is that you might have problems with your internet connection. 5Mbps of speed is typical and will work alright with the Sony BDP BX350. You can check your internet speed here or by typing 'Test Internet Speed' on Google:

If your internet is working at an average or above speed and is correctly connected to the system (instructions on how to connect internet here on pages 18 and 19: then we believe that it might be something wrong with the internal components of your device and we encourage you to check out our troubleshooting page for the Sony BDP BX350.

Good Luck!

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Thank you... Kristen Vezina

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This webpage seems relevant as well:

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