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Blu-ray player with built in wifi capabilities allows for media streaming of apps such as Netflix, Youtube, and Pandora.

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Why is my display black?

My TV wont display my image from my Sony BDP Bx350. Both devices are powered on, but I cant seem to see anything. What should I do?

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IS it plugged in and sent to the correct input? Check both cables and try a different one

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the issue stems from a failure between the GPU, and the LCD. The components between these are


Imaging circuit

Display port on device (Usually HDMI)


Display port on TV

Signal processing Circuit

1a) It is best to start with the obvious. try a different port on each the TV, and device.

1b) If no success, try a new Cable

2) Figure out if it is the TV or Device

2a) make sure the TV processes another device on that port.

2b) If it does, make sure the device runs on a different TV

depending on which it is, replace the port on the failing device.

if it doesnt run, you are looking at board failures. without previous SMT experience, i would suggest taking it to a proffesional to repair it.

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