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Model A1225 / Early 2009 / 2.66, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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EFI ROM corruption on 2009

hear three long tones, three short tones, and then three long tones

Apple says:

Three long tones, three short tones, three long tones: EFI ROM corruption is detected, and the computer is in EFI ROM recovery mode.

Newer computers automatically recover from a corrupted ROM; when this occurs, a progress bar appears on the screen during ROM recovery mode. Don't disturb your Mac while the ROM recovery takes place. When recovery is complete, your Mac restarts.

If you need to restore the EFI ROM on certain Mac computers produced before 2008, you'll need to use a Firmware Restoration CD to restore the EFI ROM. Search Apple Downloads for the right CD image for your computer.

This is a 2009 and I get nothing on the screen. After doing a lot of research I find no definitive answers. Some have suggested changing the battery but I have never seen a battery failure on one of these.

Does anyone have actual experience with this problem? @danj @reecee


After all these years I finally got in a genuine EFI failure (no Hanky Panky)

The battery was fine.

I ordered in a BIOS EFI firmware chip: Apple iMac 24" A1225 Logic board: 820-2491-A

from these guys on eBay

newkcomputernewkcomputer (1745)

Put it in and it now works great! I was actually surprised ;-)

I emailed these guys and asked them to join us for some additional expertise.

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A dead battery could have been the root issue!

This series uses a EEPROM which does have a limit of writes. So if the Battery was bad the OS would reset the date and time from the Apple NTP server every restart wearing it out. If that was the case you'll need to replace the chip. Its doable but not easy! Do you know if the battery is dead or was it replaced?

Do you know what the OS is on the system? The reason you'll need to find out is the newer OS installers do update the firmware which could have been the other cause here.

I'll need to look think a bit on this.

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Thanks Dan, I'll try a new battery in the morning.


Battery did not work. I doubt the customer is going to pay for a chip replacement.


@mayer - Sorry guy ;-{ Don't have any other ideas here.


I was wrong, the customer does want a chip replacement. Will let you know my results


@mayer - Did you hear about the new, New Mac Pro coming out next year ;-} Apple is redoing it again this time with more modularity. So you may see the cheese grater back in fashion! Ours (trash can Mac Pro's) while still powerful enough for most of what we do are limited when it comes to 4k video. It will be interesting what they come out with.

We're now waiting on what Apple has in store with the MacBook Pro line as the new '17 units in our minds are just revamped MacBooks not what a real MacBook Pro should have been. As it stands it just won't cut it for us.

We may end up jumping, Gasp! To MS Windows this fall after they intro the fall line if they are still hellbent on non-removable (upgradable) storage and dongles! As it looks now I don't think they see the light of the real Pro market. While the new models do offer the sales force type of pro a good system, the engineering and architect type of user as well as the photo and video creative types it fell way short.


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