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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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Flashing E2 & F2 codes. Won't start

Flashing E2 & F2 codes. Won't start? What's up?

Tried turning power off for 1 minute & pushing 2 different buttons a total of 10 times. Nothing works. Unit is a little over 1 year old.

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diswasher just over a year old so no more warranty :(

I replaced the user interface board - still gives E2 F2 error

checked the continuity of the wires - all good

I then replace the main board - still gives E2 F2 error

repairman had proposed the same solutions.

I give up!


Dishwasher brand new 2022 but problem code #F2 E2 error I try so many times on off

Don’t work



If it is brand new, get it fixed under warranty


I got the E2 F2 error after replacing the chopper blade in the pump assembly. Should have had no affect on the user interface connection, no where near each other. Took the front panel off, took the control module/user interface cable off, used contact cleaner on both sets of connectors. Took the control board out from it's plastic housing, sprayed both sides of the board with contact cleaner. Still get E2 F2 error. No visible signs of corrosion anywhere. Could some other error condition cause the E2 F2 code?


Hi @mholin,

What is the model number of your dishwasher?


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@billstrang , B.Strang, You did not state your model#, so my answer will be sort of generic. As a first step turn power off to machine for (10) minutes and see if it resets. Whirlpool gold series dishwasher error code e2/ f2, means main control board is not getting correct signal from the user interface. Turn off power/breaker, remove screws holding inner door liner, remove liner and check/secure/clean all wire connections from front interface and main control board. If all good and still not working the user interface is probably faulty and has to be changed. Check the attached link,instruction and guide on how to access control and wires, Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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My dishwasher is doing this as well model # ADB1500ADB3. Is this what I need to try?


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Hi @mholin

A 2:2 error code is a No Response from UI (User Interface)

Looking at p.7 of the tech sheet for the dishwasher, it says to check for 5V DC on the P1C (P3) connector on the control board (see p.2 for the wiring diagram)

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Thank you for that but I have the tech sheet as it is included with the dishwasher. And the Function 2 Error 2 code says the UI cannot communicate with the controller module (not the other way around). Which is why I cleaned the connectors between the two as stated in my original problem statement. Again as stated, I see no causal reason the UI/Controller interface should be impacted at all by just changing the chopper blade inside the circulator motor housing.



Just working on the machine may have caused not the usual movement to occur which may have disturbed something.

Did you check for the 5V as suggested, you never said?


Not yet but I had planned to check the 5V even before your comment as well as the 8V as shown on the schematic. Also going to scope out serial data lines P1C- 2,3 for valid data. Moving the machine a few feet should not have impacted the integrity of any electrical connection. If it did that is extremely poor design. Now I have to take it all apart again :(


As a follow up: Took both the User Interface and Control boards completely out and sprayed both sides of each with circuit board cleaner also took an eraser to the control board fingers. There was not much visual corrosion but that seems to have mitigated the problem. Measured the 5V and 13V supplies as being within spec. Actually you would not even see the flashing F2:E2 if there were no 5V as that is what powers the display, but should confirm they are both within spec.


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Hi @danahawkin12721

A 2:2 error code on your model means that the User interface cannot communicate with main control.

See p.7 error code 2:2 of the tech sheet to view possible causes and what to check.

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On my Whirlpool dishwasher - Flashing E2 & F2 codes. I bought the interface module for $62 and replaced that. Works again. Requires removing outside of door and then module from top. Its the module that includes the buttons and display.

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