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A wide range of repair guides and support for the consumer-grade laptop computer line by Toshiba.

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no audio output device is installed

no audio output device is installed ive tried in install from control panel and gone to install drivers but keep ketting an error

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Hi,. My audio is uninstalled and I have the conexant but I can't figure out how to get it on the laptop


tidak ada suara keluar dari laptopsaya


ihavevthisvprroblem on my laptop almost for three month until now i cant fix it


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There are several ways to fix the no audio output device is installed problem. I have shared them below, so follow those techniques to get the solution.

  1. Please assure that the device is not disabled from windows settings or bios.
  2. Update the audio software on your computer. may be the device is running on outdated software, that’s why it can’t play the audio.
  3. Reset the audio driver on your computer too, If there is any driver running out
  4. Check the speakers, insert the headphone into the pc. now check the computer.
  5. Reset the computer if necessary.

After making the changes, you will get the audio on your device.

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What version operating system are you using? What is the exact error message you get when you install the drivers?

Some things to try:

Right click on the speaker symbol on the task bar and click on "Playback Devices" to see if the audio output is set for what you use.

Go into BIOS and check that the audio is enabled.

Check Control Panel - Device Manager and see if there is a yellow mark next to the audio device. You can try removing the Audio device and also remove the drivers, click on "Action" and select "Scan for Hardware Changes" and let Windows find and configure the audio driver.

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It says it's not installed n when I try to install it, it errors. It's a Toshiba satellite c655 laptop


Also, where is bios located?


To access the BIOS, turn on the computer, press F2 key when the Toshiba screen shows. BIOS is the hardware level also called Firmware. What you are looking for is Audio and check to see that it is enabled.


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Ive tried to fix the audio out put but to no avail plz help me out

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