LCD displays a constant white colour without any other things

I needed to replace my digitizer as my display broke but the image was fine so I knew it was the digitizer for sure.... After disassembling everything, I took out the digitizer (didnt put the new one) and attempted to start the phone and see if the lcd still works.... But it is only showing a constant white colour now..... I dont think it is because of the digitizer as it only translates the touches right?

Please help me! Tell me what should I do?

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Reassemble the set and see if it works. Then let us know if the problem is still there.


I tried that.... Didn't work.... I guess I destroyed my LCD, or its just the polarizer film....idk


I would now go back into the set and make sure the connector from the LCD panel is seated correctly, make sure nothing got pinched or torn, things you moved got reseated correctly, etc.... good luck... I hate when crap like that happens to me.


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