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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is the fourth generation of Samsung tablets that has a larger screen, higher camera resolution, and 1.5 GB of RAM.

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Stuck in opening screen mode.

I cannot get the tablet to move past the opening screen. It recycles back to the opening screen page. I have tried soft and hard boot to no avail. On occasion the opening screen has moved the Samsung logo with dots moving outward, but it never gets to the point to swipe and open the applications. Do I let it die and then repower?

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It sounds like you are in a boot-loop. Depending on whether you have rooted and modified the system files (based on the way you are describing the issue I am guessing you are not rooted) or not, the actions you take will be different.

If you are not rooted or do not know what rooting is, then follow these instructions to factory reset your device. Otherwise, you will need to either restore a nandroid backup or flash a new rom.

Boot into recovery mode: Pres and hold the power button, home button, and volume up (+) button all at the same time. Once the device starts to boot (you see the first icon on the screen), release the power button only, but continue to press the volume up and home button.

Now, use the volume up and down button to move through the options until you have highlighted factory data reset. Use the power button to "click" the option. Use the volume up/down button to move through the next set of options ( a bunch of "no" and one "yes) to highlight the yes options. Press the power button to select it.

Use the volume up/down button to highlight reboot and power button to select the option. Your device should reboot now.

PLEASE NOTE: This will ERASE all of your personal data and apps from the internal storage (not the SD Card). However, if you are unable to boot into your device to make sure everything is backed up, this is likely the only way to get back into it.

This is not guaranteed to work, but with boot-loops, it is likely your only option.

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I had this same problem and I tried the reboot you said and now my Tab A is stuck/ frozen on a blue screen that says Downloading.... Do not turn off target and I tried every button and nothing is happening. Did i just screw up my tab by doing this? Please help!


u likely went into download/odin mode by pressing home + volume DOWN + power buttons instead of u should of pressed home+volume UP + power buttons... just remember u first need to be powered off...& then its home +volume DOWN + power for DOWNload mode ...home + volume up + power for recovery mode... & then there is SAFE mode, which is entered by holding both volume up + volume down + power buttons... u can just hold power button until it powers down then power back on...its only in danger of data/software corruption if you power off, disconnect, or lose power (from battery dying) when its currently downloading says its downloading but its not...its just in download mode...there is usually a blue progress bar toward button of the screen that will show up if you really are downloading/transferring data...hope this helps someone...yes, I realize this is an old, old post.


If none of the above works what is the next recommendation?


Rob I think I'll buy you a pony! I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong in my factory reset for hours and there you were telling me it's volume UP not down

I think my husband was getting a bit jealous of the time a spent with Odin who is such a liar, downloading.... I don't think so! Thank you for saving my marriage and tablet.



Looking for help with SMP900 stuck on Samsung boot animation. I tried clearing the cache and performed a factory reset/data wipe with no luck. Any advice?

Not very tech savvy and would prefer to Salvage this tablet if possible. Thank you!


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