Digitizer broke/ Screen unreadable - need to recover data

My phone was already cracked, and I was already looking for a replacement, but today, the phone fell off of my desk and the digitizer as well as the screen stopped working. The OLED lighting still works fine, and all of my phones hardware seems to work, but the OLED screen itself cracked under the glass, and it is basically unreadable now. I can see a really dimly lit version of the right center side of my screen, and that isn't responding to touch. I installed a custom ROM and have a custom recovery, but that doesn't do any good if I cant even see my screen. I can't put my phone into USB debugging, but there's no password (if that helps), only a custom lock screen. Is there any way I can get the data off of my phone? Thanks

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@brycen ,Brycen, Not sure if the link below will help, hope it does. Good luck.



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