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Un discendente dello smartphone LG V10, simile all'LG G5, rilasciato il 29 settembre 2016. L'LG V20 si distingue per i numeri modello F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990 T, LS 997, US 996 e VS995. È disponibile con finitura titanio, rosa o argento con 32 o 64 GB di memoria interna.

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Where can I find the top and bottom frame pieces?

my girlfriend dropped my phone really hard on the street when she got out of the cab. Fortunately i had a skin on it so the only serious damage happened to the top and bottom sections of the frame. I know they come off but I cant seam to find them anywhere. If someone know where they are that would be great.

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Hi Saitha Wils,

You can find replacement top and bottom section frames for the LG V20 on Mengtor, SST parts, and eBay. I have included the links below but I do not know how long they will be active. If the links expire, search "LG V20 replacement parts" and the most common part that pops up are the top and bottom section frames. Hope this helps!

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