Is my bottom Type Cover Keyboard Slot broken?

I have been unsuccesfully trying to get a type cover to work on my surface pro 3. I know the type cover is not faulty as I have tested it on another surface and it works fine. I have gone through the typical reset, and boot to bios hard reset, with no luck. Cleaned the terminals with rubbing alcohol and even tried the eraser trick. Nothing shows in device manager in reference to a surface cover and I have updated all my windows updates. The keyboard LED light does not even come on. Am I dealing with a defective port? Is this something that can be replaced easily? I have run out of ideas.

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Another surface as in another Microsoft Surface Pro 3?

Have you used that port for anything else or is it the first time you have used that port and it is for the keyboard?


Yes it is the first time I have attempted to use the port, it is the bottom port intended just for the keyboard. Thanks


Has the port ever worked? How old is the surface? Does there look to be any damage to the port?


The surface is about 2 years old. Microsoft said it was not in warranty so it would cost $450 to fix lol. The port looks fine, doesnt appear to have any damage. I've never used a type cover on this unit before because it was my inlaws unit.


I have brought a Surface 3 belonging to a friend, to the USA for possible repair/exchange$$. In talking with an unnamed rep at the M$ store, he casually used a paperclip to show me that the keypad/cover as well as the S3 has MAGNETS! And what do magnets attract? Yes, anything iron/steel based... and when he whipped out the magnifying glass I could verify that there were DOZENS of tiny steel filings stuck to the keyboard magnet and to the computer slot where the keyboard attaches! There are two slots in this groove, one on either side of the contact pin area and you can see metal particles INSIDE these slots. The keyboard works on other S3's but not on this one, indicating that maybe the metal particles have entered the computer and interfered with the circuits of the keyboard connector. M$ will not admit that MAGNETS in this area could cause a problem as of course we KNOW that Surface owners would never be around any kind of metal particles!


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