Why does the iPhone/android app shows a quick drop in battery and stop

I have both AR drone 1 and AR drone 2. I used the AR free flight app in iphone 5s , and Nexus 5. It flies for few seconds . The app shows a quick battery drop and the quadcopter stops working. The problem is more serious in iphone app. In android app I found that the quadcopter can hover for few extra seconds (around 10-15 s) even at the end of its life (1-2% battery life). But when I plug off the battery connection and connect again, the battery is again normal (has only decreased 2-3%). But when I take off, the same problem ( battery immediately drops off). Just to make sure it is not the battery problem, I tried another spare battery, and the problem is same- QUICK DISCHARGE shown by both android and iphone app. Is it problem with the app or battery, or electronics in the AR drone? What is the solution to this .

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