Logic Board or MagSafe board?

Hi,new to this forum.So let's start ...any known way to ensure the logic or the magsafe board are working?

beside the known way of buying first a new magsafe board and worst case senario buy a new logic board.i guess the only way is another open macbook pro ?THanks anywayss.

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Please describe your symptoms, i.e. does it power on at all, is there a light on the screen, is there a light on the AC adapter plug, and if so, is it stable, and what color? Are there power issues, or battery charging issues? It's impossible to determine which is the cause without first knowing what is going on with your machine.


Thanks for the answer ,have to wait first for the power adapter to arrive then i ll check to see what you're saying. Macbook became mine last week and as soon as have any news i ll report back.You been already helpful and quick.I believe by next week I ll have some news.Live in Athens and macbook accessories are really expensive so I ordered the power adapter from abroad.Thanks


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the issue systematically. No green light? Use Applications->Utilities->System Profiler:Power to see if the battery and/or charger is detected, how many charge cycles has the battery gone trough.

If the charger is not detected check the magnet end for debris or bent/missing pins.

If the problem is intermittent and moving the wires on the charger (either main cord, or magsafe cord) fixes or causes the problem you're looking a a short inside the transformer or in the cord.

Remember to return and mark accepted the answer that best solves your problem.

Good luck,


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As to charge cycles under 20= almost new (new have 0-2) under 100=good under 200=fair 300+ living on borrowed time.

I have seen good working batteries with over 300 cycles, but have seen more that have rapid discharge times, long charging times, never taking a full charge. Your milage may vary.



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