Dash lights, turn signals, brake lights, and radio all inop.

2001 Toyota Corolla

The other night my girlfriends car wouldn't start. We were aware the battery was on its way out. She tried jump starting it with a battery pack all to no avail. I swung by her house the day after with a new battery. I put it in and immediately I noticed something was off. There weren't even any sparks when hooking up the cables. But I ignore it and proceed to start the car. Nothing, no lights, no chimes. I found out the ignition fuse was blown. I replace it. Try starting the car, it turns over but no start. I find that the fuel injection fuse was blown. I replace that and the car starts. That's great. But the dash lights don't come on, gauges don't work, tail lights don't work when the headlights are on, or even when brake pedal is depressed, radio doesn't come on, turn signals don't come on. I'm wondering is there a relay or something that is connecting most of these together.

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