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Released April 2015. Identified as model S070Q.

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I had to reset my phone and need help?

So I just bought the blu studio selfie 5.0 and I forgot my pin code and had no other option but to factory reset it and after doing so. I get this message " This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google account that was previously synced on this device" and I proceeded with entering the email that I thought was the one but come to find out it wasn't and I've tried everything and looked up everything and I still cant access my phone I need some help

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This Google Security problem is very common. Have you changed the password to any of the Google accounts? If you have you will be on hold for 72 hours. It will block your logins for the 72 hours.

Also, do you remember any of your emails? If you don't, look on the page that allows you to log in. Look at the links. There should be one that will allow you to look up your email. I cannot remember what it says. But it will ask for some information and then display a list of emails associated with that information. Try each email and it will log you in as long as you provided the correct information for the list.

As I said, do not change any passwords or you will be locked out for 72 hours. Other than this method I do not think there is a way to bypass this. This is essentially like being iCloud locked on Apple devices.

You can also go here and see which account is associated with your phone.

If you need any more help feel free to message me and i can provide assistance

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