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A beginner’s level quadcopter released in 2014. The UDI U818A can record video and still-shots from the air, and has a battery capable of 7-8 minutes of flying time.

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One propeller does not spin.

One propeller does not spin. I can turn it by hand but it does not turn smoothly.

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Did you crash recently? The drive shaft in these quadcopters breaks fairly easily. If you find that the motor does not spin freely by hand, you'll need to replace either the whole motor arm, or just the motor itself. Replacing just the motor is more time consuming, but you'll be able to find parts for a lower price. B&H sells both motor arms and individual motors.

When purchasing replacement parts, be sure to triple check whether you need clockwise or counterclockwise motors, as using the wrong ones will prevent your drone from flying.

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It took mine apart after a crash and the blade not spinning is because the motor is not turning. All the wires look fine but the motor quit spinning after it crashed.


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