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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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DVD player quits 1.5 hours into movie

Even with a new disc, it refuses to play the entire disc. Message is it has encounted a problem.

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IT happens on all discs played. Old, new, netflix.


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Not much information to go on. This could be a heat problem. I would clean the fans first then replace the thermal paste if the problem persists. Try downloading and playing your movie with VLC instead of using Quicktime. It's a better player and gives you more control. Here's where to get the PowerPC version:

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If the movie has deleniated scenes, I can insert the disc again and try skipping the scene the error occured in and watch the end of the movie. So I consistently miss the middle.


Use the VLC and go to the scenes giving you problems and see what happens.


I've tried that. The dvd will play for a very short time, the scene will freeze, sound will stop and I'll get the "dvd player has encountered a problem" message. It will then quit and I'll have to remove the disc and start from the beginning. Then move to the next scene or the next two scenes and the dvd plays naturally until the end. Very frustrating.


If this is only happening with one disk, make a "disk image" and place it one the hard drive. Then open it and save as a .avi file and see if it will play. Note, if it has problems, VLC will attempt to repair it. If you can't repair it then return the DVD and get one that works. Test it at the store on their equipment. What is the disk?


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