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The Lenovo Yoga 2 13" can convert from laptop to tablet, tent, or stand mode with hinges on the side. It was released in January 2014.

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Where are the lid switches?

Hi there,

can someone tell me: where are the lid switches (or it's connectors) of the Yoga 2 13? I think one of them is stuck in one position, but I cannot find them.. Are they in the display assembly? Or unter the mainboard?

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Hi Simon ,

The lid switches are on the daughter board (Nearby the HDD).

Picture of daughter board

The common problem is the flat cable is not not fully inserted in zif connector.

Gr Larz.

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Is it a magnet though? I don't get how is it that that particular piece is the lid switch. My computer doesn't have brighness, but it has image. I think the computer thinks the lid is closed.


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