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Why wont my f-10 stay connected to wifi?

My tablet will be connected to wifi for less than 2 minutes, and then I have to reboot it to get another 2 minutes of wifi. Tried shutting down other devices, but still wont hold the wifi signal for more than 2 minutes.

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I have this same issue I actually own 2 of the F-10's my 10 and 9 year own them one works perfectly the other doesn't. I have update my router I have rest both router and the tablet I have even factory reset the tablet. No answer yet to as why it isn't working.


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Try installing the app "WiFi Manager" from the play store. It will know the best wifi connection and stay connected.

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Kind of hard to do that when I can't get the net.... to stay on for the download ... I am returning it tomorrow and getting a different one I don't think it was new when it arrived it didn't have the screen thing on it like the other one did and wasn't packed like the other


Oh, well If I new it was still within the return period, I would have said that you should return it. That's the smart move. As far as getting something different... I recommend you buy something that's a little bigger of a brand. Like the Amazon fire tablet or Samsung Galaxy tab. One of those tablets are more reliable, thus requiring less fixing.


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