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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus.

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Low Brightness and slider not working

Hi. I have iPhone 6 and the brightness slider slides but it doesen't do anything. The backlight works but it's wery low (like its lowest level in normal use). I have tested it with different screens without any luck. It is tropped once. It seems that the Backlight filter FL2024 is slightly burnt. If filter FL2024 is burnt does the backlight work at all or are there something else broken. Long screw damage is one option but as far as I know if there are long screw damage the iPhone is compeletely dead.

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Can anyone help?

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You'll need an expert solderer/board worker to fix this. I believe there is a very reputable gal that works with Ifixit all the time. Her name escapes me though :/


Thank you. I do microsoldering but I do not know what is the problem in this case.


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Have you tried measuring the resistance of the filter?

FL2024 has a DC Resistance of 0.8 Ohms so if you measure it in-circuit, it should look like a short. Ideally, you want to remove it, to properly measure it, in case there is any impedance in parallel with it.

If it is measuring in the low Ohms (but not 0.8), then it may be constricting the current flow and inducing a higher than normal voltage drop.

The filter fundamentally acts as a fuse in this circuit. If it is open-circuit, then the backlight won't work at all. If it is "high" resistance, then it will make the backlight very dim. If you have one on-hand, it's a cheap part to replace. Testing it helps us understand how the circuit works.

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Thank you for the answer. I have tried to messuta it on-circuit. I should remove it and messuta again. I do have many of these same filters and I can take those from iPhone 4. What you think if I let that filter stay on board take another filter and put it place next to the current filter with jumpers from the screen connector pin and run the wire to C1530 and see if it works. Is that bad if there are two filter on that line?


Sorry not "messuta" but *measured


As said by Minho it's better replacing that filter instead of joining another one in parallel... just because if filter resistance is too high you don't solve the problem anyway..


@refectio hello again. I just replaced that filter FL2024 and now its working again I mean that the brightness slider work now and I can set the brightness. But now the screen top left corner heve a dark spot. Do you know what I did wrong?


Broplem solved. Alcohol cleaned and screen connector wasn't properly installed.


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