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The Lenovo Yoga 2 13" can convert from laptop to tablet, tent, or stand mode with hinges on the side. It was released in January 2014.

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Why won't boot any install media?


my Lenovo Yoga 2 13 (20344) doesn't boot anything: Linux live-sticks, Windows 7 and 8 install sticks all start to boot, but then suddenly stop. For the Linux-stick, see the picture ( ). Windows 8 stops running that pointed circle, that shows somethings happening. Windows 7 brings a blank screen after the "Loading windows" bar.

I can access the BIOS and tried out lots of settings.. Nothing helps.

I've tried removing the battery, the WiFi card, the m.2 SSD, everything I could imagine was faulty, no change. I don't have an OS installed.

Any ideas?

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Here is a link that describes how to disable UEFI and enable Legacy /CSM boot.

This should restore the option to boot from an installation dvd or USB.

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It actually starts to boot, both legacy and UEFI. But a few seconds later it freezes..


Hi, Try something unrelated like booting from and running Memtest 86 to see if it runs. It will test the memory in case you have a memory problem.


memtest runs fine without errors. I've got Linux running from USB, with boot parameters "nolapic noapic" or "acpi=off". This is usually for older Notebooks afaik. So there's a problem with HAL, acpi or the Bios. I wasn't able to flash the Bios, neither in Freedos with "Flashit" for InsydeH20 (Bios manufacturer) or with crisis recovery. For Linux I havn't found any flash tool yet. Did someone manage to flash the Bios with crisis recovery or does someone know how to boot Windows without acpi? (no option in Bios).


Hi @moony ,

Not sure if this is a help or not but found this info re updating the BIOS on Lenovo. Don't know if it is applicable to your laptop or predicament though.

"You can update BIOS via USB, I just did. The CD image from Lenovo is not compatible with USB, you need to modify it, then you can boot from USB. The magic word is El Torito (google it if needed).

Depending on you OS, you need to

- download the CD image for your laptop from the Lenovo site

- extract the "El Torito" boot image from the CD image you've downloaded

- flash this boot image to an USB drive

- reboot your laptop and boot from this USB drive

I'm using Arch Linux, and used to extract the bootable image, and used dd to copy the image to USB.

It would de nice if Lenovo supports updating BIOS from USB directly (they on't obviously, requiring you to either use Windows or have a USB-CD drive)

It came from here.


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