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Apple ha lanciato il MacBook Pro 15" Retina con un nuovo display con risoluzione 2880 per 1800 pixel.

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Need to wipe the flash based ssd drive

I am looking for the quickest and cheapest way to overwrite the ssd drive on a brand new, and now non-working 15" MBP. It is the 512gb drive and the model is A1398. I just purchased it a couple days ago, and within a few hours of starting it and restoring from my back up, the whole thing has completely shut down. Brought it to Apple, tried every reset imaginable, etc.. Still under warranty, but have to write over the data before handing back to them and getting a replacement. They have assured me that the sweatshops they will ship it back to are very secure and my data will not be recovered and used of course, but a little bit of prevention goes a long way. I do not need to recover any btw, it is all backed up on the external drive. So any help offered would be great. Thanks!

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If the new Mac still powers on:

1/ Press and hold Command + "R" and start your Mac. Once it boots, choose Disk Utility, and erase your disk/partition.

2/ It boots and you have another older Mac or can borrow one, connect the old to the new using a Thunderbolt cable, then start the new Retina Mac while pressing and holding down the "T" key.

Once it starts and shows a lighting bolt on the screen, you can access the drive from your other older Mac, start disk utility, and erase the drive of the Retina.

3/ It boots and you have a bootable hard drive that contains your old system or any recent OS X system, but don't have a Mac to use: buy an enclosure, insert your hard drive in it, connect it to your Retina, press and hold ALT. Once it boots, you will have the option to choose your enclosure drive as the start-up disk. Click on it, boot from it, start Disk Utility and erase your Retina's drive.

If, however, your Mac is dead and won't start, you can try to find the same model to borrow, transfer your SSD, and use method 1 here above to erase your disk, then put it back in your Mac and take it to Apple. Though if it looks like you tempered with it, this will likely void your warranty.

Another option would be to find an enclosure such as here, transfer your Mac's SSD to it, use another Mac to wipe it / format it, then put it back.

Also some airport scanners are pretty good at wiping your disk when you least expect it. Travel somewhere :)

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I appreciate the quick response. This will not turn on at all, so I cannot use the disc utility or thunderbolt options. Airport scanners work on magnetism, which would be great if it would work on SSD, but they are not subject to the same issues as the HDD. I decided to order a AD905A SATA III 3 to M.2 (NGFF) SSD 7+5 pin Connector Converter Adapter Card from Amazon to plug the SSD into and then I have a USB / SATA cable from a previous hard drive upgrade on another computer that I can connect that adapter to and then connect to a computer through the USB. Can't spend $100 on an enclosure for a 1 time deal. This is getting wiped and returned. Not happy with how this worked out, but I have learned my lesson to always keep my data encrypted in the future. Thanks again for the quick response. I will update whether or not my frankenstein method worked.


@billfrick I've seen a case where a traveller had his SSD on his Retina MacBook Pro erased after going through customs. Unless it was a really weird coincidence..

And I am not sure what you ordered will work. Let me know if it does. But I highly doubt it.

If you end up having to purchase a more expensive model, you can sell it on Ebay once done. Or I'll buy it from you at a discounted price :)

Regarding encryption, beware that encrypted SSDs cause the system to slow down, and are themselves a source of trouble. In case of corruption, recovering an encrypted SSD is way harder. So keep your data backed up at all times.


I doubt what airport screening systems was the cause. The X-Ray, magnetic or microwave radiation is at a level that wouldn't effect the SSD's gates charge. It was an issue with photo film with X-Rays which I'm sure is what started the urban legend.


I am not arguing, it just happened that exactly one year ago in November 2015, I met with someone who just after passing through customs, arrived at the hotel, and started his Mac to find it completely blank.

No idea what may have caused it. I think he was coming from the Bahamas. Not sure what sort of scanner they have :)


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