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La linea di computer portatili MacBook Pro di Apple era destinata ad utenti avanzati e professionisti. La linea MacBook Pro include MacBook Pro 13 "Unibody, MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 15 "Unibody, MacBook Pro 17" e MacBook Pro 17 "Unibody.

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Help! MacBook screen is now tinted green!

I just got this macbook off craigslist, and it had one issue with the wifi, so took the back off to unplug the wifi/bluetooth thing, and when i turned it back on, the display was green! it's just a tint, but a very strong tint. everything is green. i really need this laptop for school, can someone help??

it's a Macbook Pro (i don't know what year) Mac OS x 10.9.5 15 inch

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We really need to know which of the many MacBook Pro models Apple as made to help you here.

Using either your green tinted display or external monitor open 'About This Mac' and copy off the systems S/N. Then past it into here: EveryMac - Lookup. Then copy your systems information pages URL into your question so we will know which model you have.


did you try to plug external monitor? is it green like the macbook monitor or normal? for emergency, you can connect to external monitor.. Thanks.


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maybe that you have activated a color profile?

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