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Annunciato il 9 settembre 2014, questo dispositivo rappresenta la prima incursione di Apple nel mondo dell'elettronica indossabile. I manuali di riparazione iFixit sono applicabili all'Apple Watch (acciaio) e Apple Watch Sport (alluminio).

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Use a display from the original Apple Watch for the Series 1?

Hey everyone.

I have recently broke my series 1 Apple Watch, and I am now looking for replacement Display-units. The device does still display things, just the glass is broken. I have found several ones, allthough they are all rather expensive. I just stumbled upon an auction for an original Apple Watch Display, which comes from the series 0 model. As its current price is relatively low, I'd like to bid as well.

I was wondering though: Is it possible to use the Display unit from an Apple Watch Series 0 for a Series 1? I does seem to have the same connectors, and I don't remember Apple mentioning any change of the Display when they issued the Series 1 Watch.

I would be really thankful for an answer to this problem, or at least some opinions.

Many thanks!

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The display for the original Apple Watch and the series 1 can be interchanged as the only thing changed really was the processor speed. Ive also just doubled checked on here and both have the same screen/digitizer, Item Code: IF308-009

Hope this helps

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Many thanks for your reply, I really couldn't find a way of figuring this out. I didn't know one could search for parts on here, but now I do.

Also by the way, do you know what the little cable on the back of a Watch display with the three small solder points does?

Thanks alot in advance


The cable on the back with the 3 small solder points connects the power supply to the proximity sensor.


Wow, I did not know this. I am going to order a completely new display unit anyway, but is it possible to desolder that cable without damaging it? Just something I want to try.


Yes it's possible to remove to cable without damaging it. Just apply a little heat to each point while slightly lifting the cable and it will come straight off (no need to apply any additional solder)


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