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Pixel XL (Modello Numero: G-2PW2100), primo smartphone Android di Google, è stato rilasciato il 20 Ottobre 2016. Ha un display AMOLED da 5,5 pollici, batteria da 3450 mAh, e due configurazioni di memoria ,da 32 o 128 GB.

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Screen corner came off

Dear ifixit team,

I have just got my new pixel xl phone few days ago. I am enjoying it and it's an amazing phone.

Today I found the the top right corner of the screen is coming slightly off Like about 0.5 mm. Like the adhesive behind is getting little loose or it was not firmly pressed during manufacturing.

I cannot give the phone back as I am in UAE and I got it from UK and it will be a hassle sending it back all the way there.

It should not be hard to put a small amount of adhesive around under the screen in that section but I have never done it before. Any suggestions.

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I received my google pixel xl 128 GB today in the mail. Unboxed it with much joy and jubilation until i saw that the top right corner was lifted as well. I repair devices for a living so i am used to fine details such as this. I applied a light pressure(not too hard now) and the screen when into place. Several hours later(approx 5) i checked again and found that the screen seemed to have actually firmly stuck down in place. My assumption would be that these devices were rapidly assembled in the factory and were not given enough time for the adhesive to cure on some of them. Hence when they are shipped out, the screens begin to lift at the corners. As of now, my screen is firmly stuck down. I will continue to monitor it and let you guys know what happens.


You might be right. I've had this issue with preassembled Android replacement screens with frame.


I have the same problem topright corner keeps lifting, and works slightly to the left I pressed it back down bit it raised off again. I contacted google store where I bougjt the device sent a videos of the problem and am now waiting for a reply.


This is not a good trend....


Mine was ordered through the google store, I've sent them the video of the problem, told no other damage phone is straight out of the box. Now ot feels like I'm getting the run around talked to a lady for 20 minutes sent 3 emails and on standby now waiting for a new phone, that I hope they send. When I pay big money for a premium phone I dont want any defects, just hook me up and lets be done with this. Sending back 2 Note 7's and now this.


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I call that screen lifting and its a huge problem with modern phones. The displays are basically a sandwich and its not uncommon for part of it to fail and lift like that.

If it were me, I'd take the screen off and try some sort of LOCA. You want to use something permanent and thin that won't gum up other parts of the phone.

First I would contact Google about the issue. I have never been let down when I contacted them for customer support and I would be very interested to hear how they handle this. If they send you a new phone to the UAE, awesome. If not, a tube of LOCA and a UV light should get it fixed.

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The cheap solution I use is B7000 glue but I'm sure there are better alternatives like the one you said.


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b7000 gloo u shuldd use

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