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Smart phone compatible wrist watch. Released 2013, model number MV100

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The analog watch doesnt seem to be keeping time.

The analog section of the watch doesn't seem to be keeping time, it won't move or tick.

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student iFixit Technical Writing Project


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The analog section of the watch runs off of its own battery independent of the battery that powers the smart watch so you may need to change the small watch battery itself. The crown also may need to be fully inserted. The crown is the small circular winding bit off to the side that you use to set the analog time. After changing the time you need to press it in so that the watch ticks.

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I just replaced my old notifier with a new one after 2 years because the analog part will not longer keep time. This happened on both the new and older watch when the charge in the battery completely drained. Even after a full charge, everything works fine except for the analog hands Pulled the crown out then pushed it back in several times to avail. Any other ideas? The battery can't be dead - it brand new!!


The analog watch battery found inside the watch only lasts a couple years and will need replaced.


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