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Il Sony Xperia Z3 è uno smartphone Android lanciato nel 2014 noto per la notevole durata e autonomia della batteria.

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2nd microphone not working

I did an LCD replacement on a phone I bought, I couldn't test before so no idea if it worked before but after finishing everything I noticed a small rip on the cable so I replaced it. I replaced it with another one and that didn't work either so I replaced it yet again and still nothing

The microphone in camera works and the microphone for google now

I am not sure if google now uses primary or secondary microphone (bottom microphone)

anybody have any ideas which is what or what the problem could be


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Does microphone work during calls? If not that's the bottom microphone which I'm pretty sure is part of the power + volume flex cable that also connects the LCD.

If it doesn't work on video record then it could be the other microphone which is connected to the headphone jack assembly.

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yes that is the flex cable. i can not test if it makes calls or not due to not having an active sim for this carrier


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