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Repair information for Whirlpool dishwashers.

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Won't run a cycle

My whirlpool dishwasher will only cancel and drain. I can unplug it for 30 minutes and plug it in and it will run one cycle. When I empty and reload it won't start. I've done this for 3 days now.

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@brendareeves hi brenda! I seem to be in the exact situation. Did you find a solution? There doesn't seem to be any other answers online


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Hi @brendareeves

here is a link which shows how to run a diagnostic program on a Whirlpool dishwasher. Hopefully it will work on yours. If it does and you get a result click on the 'here' link in the page to see what the problem might be. If you need more help after that get back to us here.

If this is no good what is the model number of your dishwasher?

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Whirlpool Quiet Partner III Dishwasher

Model GU2500XTPB6

Serial  FS5310844


Hi Brenda,

Try this sequence and see if the diagnostic mode will run.

To start diagnostics, press the following keys in order in less than 6 seconds

Heated dry, Normal, Heated dry, Normal

To rapid advance the diagnostic one interval at a time, press the Start key

When you get to the end your dishwasher will be in normal mode again


Tried the steps suggested but it will not enter diagnostics mode


Model GU2500XTPB3 Serial FS1105772 Similar to above query Turned off power at circuit breaker and it re-try diagnostic sequence in a few hours


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