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Also known as Sony Ericsson Xperia Nozomi, Sony Ericsson Arc HD.

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My phone is dead!

hi,first of all my English isn't very good,sorry for that. my phone (Sony Xperia S (LT26i)) is dead and i can't turn it ON it also can't keep his charge even sometimes it was charging. So i decided to change my battery. I bought a BA800 battery and change it myself according to a video i saw on YouTube. after all my phone doesn't start up even i plug in it to adapter. just sometimes the logo of a repair appears and after few minutes it dissapers. when i plug in it to electricity the LED will be red. i don't know what is the problem !?

a repair man said that a new battery is ruined. so he change to a new battery but it doesn't start again and he says that it most be flashed but he can't flash it!

i myself searching internet and follow up structures (download flashtool,installing drivers,download ftf,....) but now when i press volume down my phone doesn't connect to PC. before it i haven't such a problem, i don't know what i have changed! please help me. my phone doesn't start up anymore and i can't change usb debugging mode or mtp. in device manage has yellow trianlges on some part including MTP USB device,Android device(Sony AFBI interface,sony composite ADB interface,sony fastboot interface),61833 class buss device.

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Your phone is stuck in fastboot...which is good. It sounds like somehow the memory got corrupted, which is not so good.

Follow these instructions carefully. You should be able to recover from the soft brick as long as your memory isn't fully corrupted, which it doesn't sound like it is.

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