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Rilasciato il 19 settembre 2014, è la versione con schermo più grande (5.5") dell'iPhone 6.

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water( tang) damage itunes recognizes the phone


my phone iPhone 6 plus had a glucose water (tang) shower, following is the transcript of how all went through.

- phone was still working; i tried switching it off... the screen kinf of flickered for couple of seconds, after that the apple white screen kept blinking for couple of minutes since then its dead.

- tried drying up with the hot air dryer. phone become hot like a hot plate.

- send it to few repair guys they said power IC need to be changed and the parts are not available. i doubt they are able to diagnose it properly.

- phone is recognizable on the computer; as you connect it opens up with a dialogue box do you trust this computer.... yes...

- pls enter information on your phone ( i guess its the password but screen is black and i cant do anything).

- when connected to power it does vibrates. also the phone becomes hot on the upper right corner near the power button after charging for 15-20 mins.

- apple says we will replace it but i have lot of data which wasn't loaded on iCloud or iTunes specially photos about 20 gb.

- sighting all above, how do you see it.. do i have a chance of getting the data back any advises on what next to do or any company in Mumbai or india which those who are specialised to undertake such jobs ?

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This link (phone corrosion) is to an Instagram account I upload photos of corrosion I find in wet phones. These are examples of the problem your phone has. No amount of blow drying would have prevented this.

While glucose isn't an electrolyte, the water the tang was made with undoubtedly had electrolytes in it. Electrolytes + dissimilar metals = corrosion. Add electricity and you speed up the process. There are over a dozen different metals in your phone.

After working on hundreds of wet phones, I can virtually guarantee that your logic board is full of corrosion and short circuits. This is supported by your description of events combined with the physics of corrosion in wet electronics, and the fact that your phone produces significant heat where you shouldn't be feeling heat -- this is 100% a short circuit and if you let it continue by charging the phone or attempting to use it, you'll make it worse by burning out components.

I'm in the United States. Myself and a handful of other people here specialize in wet phone data recovery. If it's that important to you, you'd be looking at $300+ to have one of us get your data back. The closest person to you that I believe can handle the job is in Lebanon.

If you want to send it to someone competent enough to get your data, reply back stating such.

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Yes surely i will be interested how do we move ahead ?

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