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vga drivers for windows 8.1 on MacBook Pro 3,1

I just installed win 8 on my Mac and I need the VGA drivers please can anybody help cos I don't wanna download wrong drivers thanks

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A PowerBook won't run Windows natively. You'll need an emulator app.

Sadly, I don't know if you can find one that will work in this system any more (its just so old). Don't forget! This is a Power PC based system not a newer Intel system.

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You can only run Windows on a Mac with an intel processor. This machine features a 1.67 GHz PowerPC 7447a (G4) processor made by Motorola. Attempts to use emulation software never really worked.


@mayer - I did get it to work with Windows 3.1 way back then ;-}

It was very slow and not very useful ;-{


@gigabit87898 - Good catch!

It's still iffy depending on the OS version he's running and how much RAM (and free HD space). VMware would be the better emulator but I don't think they offer the older versions any more (and may not run Win 8.1). While BootCamp will work it needs more system resources. Running the newer OS's will squeeze the RAM and 6 GB is the max this system supports. Dammed and double dammed here. Best to get a newer system with more CPU horse power & RAM.


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