Does Anyone Know Where To Get This Part?

I have an LG Nexus 5 with a real bad feedback issue when on loud speaker and I believe I have found the issue. There is a little rubber boot that is supposed to support the microphone but it is missing and I can't find the part anywhere. I assume that this is causing the feedback issue. Does anyone know where I can get this part? Normally I would just take it out of another Nexus 5 but I don't have one that I can use for parts.

Thanks in advance


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can't find the part huh ? is this your or a customers ? if its yours i would try a pice of wire shrink to isolate the mic to 1 direction, its easy to work with if you heat it up a bit. give it a try ... in a situation like this i just think to myself "what would MacGuyver do ? " :) Good Luck


Its a customers, I would like to get the proper part for them as I am a professional and like to use the proper/OEM/aftermarket parts on my jobs whenever possible.


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