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This laptop was released in September of 2010, Identified by model number Inspiron N5030 or Inspiron 15. It is an all black laptop with a DELL logo in the center of the top cover, a mouse pad with separated left and right key buttons, and a disc drive on the right hand side of the computer.

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Screen wont turn on

The computer will turn on but my screen wont. You can hear the programs in the background like skype and windows opening but the screen will not turn on help me

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@lazypersonguy attach an exteranl monitor and see if that displays properly. If it does you know you are having issues with either your LCD or the backlight circuitry. Shine a flashlight at an angle against the screen with the computer running in a dark room. See if you can make out any shapes etc. If you do, its your LED driver circuitry. If you don't it can be the LCD. Disassemble and check for damage on the motherboard as well as the display cable etc. Let us know what you find. Download the service manual from here

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