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Boots up but black screen

My 17" 2007 MacBook had the screen go black while I was working.

I rebooted holding down control alt shift I believe that was it and it came back on.

Now it's done it again. Power button turns it on front light comes on and slight screen glow near bottom.

Gives a single long shrill tone then the standard chime when power button is depressed. I can feel hard drive spinning seems to stop at usual amount of reboot time. But screen still dark.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thanks! Ron

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Just to be clear here you have a PowerBook or a MacBook Pro? These are very different systems. Your model info in your question and what you selected are not the same.


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A single tone indicates there is no RAM installed:

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Yes exactly. this means that one or both of your ram modules are busted.

Sorry bro :(


But it also could be the wrong RAM. Without being sure what the system is the Beep code is not enough to isolate if the slot is the problem. Most likely, it is.


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Looks like a problem with your RAM (I had similar one).

Try removing the RAM modules one by one from their slots and booting it again

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