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Released alongside the AirPort Extreme base station, this hard drive equipped variant offers 802.11ac speed on a time capsule NAS.

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My airport time capsule is not accessible by the net

I receive internet, the light is green but the airport utility does´t recognize the unit. I reset it and restaure it and nothing happen

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Sometimes you may not have the "bonjour" service installed on your computer and discovery can be a more involved process. However, if you are able to get your "gateway" IP (I think for apple, airport time capsules its you can actually choose to manually connect in airport utility and provide that as the IP address and give the password you setup, this works as a workaround but you may also be able to install the bonjour service as well.

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Thanks, I put manually the ip in the dhcp router and it works. Th airport utility recognize the unit as one new


Awesome, glad to hear it!


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