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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the HP ProBook 4440s. Featuring a 14" screen and Windows 7 operating system, the ProBook 4440s can be identified by model number C6Z33UT.

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How to fix laptop right hinge broken?

my right hp laptop hinge broke down and went out from its place i want to fix it no wire is broken ?

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@narseel you can download the maintenance manual from here. It'll show you how to get to the hinges and every other part. HP part number for the hinge kit is 683643-001

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This video should help you. This does NOT look easy to disassemble. Watch it from start to finish. It looks like the hinge is on the screen. You have to take most of it apart. Try to not break anything. If you need to replace the hinges use the eBay link down below. This includes the brackets.

Video of disassembly (set it to 720p):


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