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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Adhesive for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 LCD

When replacing the LCD in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7", there is some adhesive gluing it to the back of the frame. Where can I get some of this? Some of my repairs have the top of the touchscreen not flush with the metal frame on top and I think its because of the lack of adhesive behind the LCD that isn't keeping it down tight enough.

The tablet works but the one I repaired today has the touchscreen loose at the bottom. I've pushed it down as far as I dare, hoping it will click in place but I think it needs the adhesive for that.

Any suggestions?

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On the Galaxy Tabs, that black almost cloth-like layer of adhesive is very strong stuff. I've found that if I heat the glass a bit first to loosen the adhesive, I can actually remove the broken screen by getting between the adhesive and the glass instead of between the adhesive and the frame. That way, the original adhesive stays on the frame and can be reused to install the new screen. Reusing the original adhesive in this way holds the new screen better than any replacement adhesive I've found.

However, if that's not possible, I've found that the best double-sided tape for the job is 3M 300SLE. It's not the cheapest stuff but it does the job well. You can can buy it in rolls of different thicknesses on line. My advice is that after you install the new screen, apply heat around the edges to heat up the adhesive underneath a bit, then immediately apply pressure around the outside for about 45 minutes. I like to use small plastic clamps for this.

Also, whenever applying heat as mentioned above, remember that you don't want too much or you could damage the LCD underneath the digitizer or other components. 190 degrees is about the max most Samsung components can handle without being damaged.

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To be clear...I'm talking about the adhesive BEHIND the LCD that attaches it to the back of the frame. Not the adhesive between the screen and the LCD.


I forgot to ask...what size tape of the 3M 300SLE do you recommend getting for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7"?


Aha I see what you're saying. Still though, I feel like as the digitizer is properly adhered to the outside of the frame, It should sit flush. I actually use a couple strips of the 300 sle to replace that adhesive behind the lcd as well. In answer to your other question, I find the 6mm thick roll to be just about perfect for that job


One more question about the 3M tape. Is there any difference in quality if you buy it from overseas (China or Hong Kong) than what you would get here in the States? I know buying the cheaper hardware from Asia is usually garbage so I'm wondering if the same applies here. Thanks!


There really isn't any difference. In fact, you may see some some rolls of red double sided tape for sale and that stuff actually works just about as well for a lot less. The biggest thing to remember is to always get your mating surfaces absolutely as clean as possible. A lot of people don't bother with this step and then wonder why the tape won't hold.


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