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The Motorola Razr V3c is a CDMA2000 version of the Razr.

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Not working after water

Hi, I left my Motorola in my pocket and my wife put it in the washing machine. It doesn't work after that, in the sense that it does not even power on. Is there something that I can do?

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If the battery was in the phone when it went through the wash, then you might be out of luck, because you might have shorted something out on the main circuit board. There are a few things you can try, though.

Whenever a device gets wet you need to take the battery out ASAP.

You're going to want to take the phone apart and let everything dry completely for a couple days. The user-submitted guides on the V3c device page should help you here. Some people also suggest cleaning circuit boards with isopropyl alcohol to clean off anything that was dissolved in the water (in your case, could be detergent or dirt).

After that, reassemble the phone and cross your fingers.

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Hi Y'all,

Had the same thing happen to my wife's phone. Dave is absolutely right. It is very important to remove the battery immediately!whenever a phone or other device is exposed to water. The PC boards are so small and tightly packed that as soon as water hits a board with the battery connected it will start to corrode between traces and components.

If it was exposed to dirty or soapy water remove the battery and rinse it off. Chances are it is shot or soon will be because of the corrosive effects of the solution. But it's worth a try. Continue on to the next section.

If the item was exposed to relatively clean water shake the excess out or gently blow it out with dry air. Careful too high air pressure when doing this will cause more harm than good. 1 to 2 PSI is all you need. A hair dryer on cool setting may also work. Dry it out as much as possible then try the following:

This is something to try if you have the equipment necessary.

You need a good vacuum pump and a "Bell Jar" type vacuum chamber. The vacuum pump must be capable of pulling 30 inches of vacuum. A vacuum cleaner won't work nor will an aquarium pump. The type used in refrigeration repairs will work. The bell jar must be able to withstand the vacuum capabilities of the pump.

Do NOT put the BATTERY into the vacuum chamber. It will destroy it. Dry it off carefully with a hair dryer (no heat) and hope it still works.

No need to disassemble the phone just remove the battery and memory chips (sim) and leave the battery cover off and open or remove any protective caps or plugs. Put the phone into the vacuum chamber and pull it down to 20 ~ 30 inches of vacuum for a few minutes. No guarantees but it worked for me.



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My son accidentally put his Samsung smart phone through the washing machine. Coincidentally I had been experimenting on removing battery corrosion from the circuit boards of quartz watches and figured that I might be able to dissolve the corrosion, which is alkaline, with ordinary white vinegar. Filled an egg-cup with vinegar, immersed the circuit and left it for 10 - 15 minutes then washed off thoroughly with distilled water. Corrosion gone, circuit fully functional. Son's phone had soapy water, also alkaline, had nothing to lose as the phone didn't work at all. Dismantled it to remove all parts that would come out and gently immersed the boards in a shallow tray filled with vinegar and agitated slightly. Rinsed in distilled water dried parts with tissues and dried with hair dryer on low heat, making sure that the parts didn't get hot. Re-assembled and the phone now works. This method only works if the corrosion is alkaline and would probably be a last resort. I have about 95% success rate with watch circuit boards and use the method regularly. Although I haven't tried it, using no-tears baby shampoo should achieve the same result if the corrosion is acidic.

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