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First generation of Toyota's full-size SUV.

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Overheating when idle in traffic

Weather temperature is above 80 degrees and I am sitting in a drive thru for fast food. Temperature gauge climbs to the 3/4 mark but I can temporary cool when I turn on heat and outside intake vent is on. I do not have problems while car is moving.

My guess is the temperature fan switch is not activated.

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Sounds like a fan problem . Check the fan relay and fuse. You can also use a cheater to check the fan motor to see that the fan itself isn't the problem. Sometime this condition will show up when the coolant level is low or if the thermostat is sticking and only working occasionally. finally check the belt that runs the water pump . If the pump belt is slipping and the pump is not circulating coolant the temp will rise

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@jimfixer Appreciate your reply and wisdom here! Thx.


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