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The TDK Life on Record Trek 360 is a portable and wireless speaker manufactured by TDK. This speaker comes with an aux port and provides wireless and bluetooth connectivity as well as 360° sound.

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Charging port not working.

My TDK speaker will no longer charge. The red indicator light doesn't come on. I can sometimes wiggle the wire where it plugs into the back and it will light up, but I have to hold it in that one spot for it to charge. It has now got to the point where that doesn't even work any more. Can this be fixed and if so, where can I order parts for it?

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TDK sucks, no support or warranty. Nothing. Just discontinued the product.

I actually ended up fixing it myself.

It's not the battery. The problem is that when you wiggle the charging socket, over time it gets de-soldered from the circuit board. So you need to solder it back.

Open the unit per instructions on TDK Life on Record Trek 360

Then you have to break the black seal to get access to a small circuit board where the charging socket is.

You will see the issue once you open it, it's obvious. Solder it back to the board and assemble back.

Removing the bottom speaker will help too and make it more convenient to fix.


Hey there, I’ve been having the same problem and am in the process of taking the speaker apart to access to charging port. I’ve removed the clear seal around the box concealing the small circuit board, however it still won’t come off. I’m worried about breaking something if I try and force it. Any tips?


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Usually in a situation like this the port has separated from the circuit board and needs to be re-soldered. It could also be the port itself has broken . I would start by removing the case around the port and inspecting the charge port to see if the solder is separated at all from the board. If it has you can repair it with a hot air station and some tweezers to reseat the existing solder joint. Hope this helps

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