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Lanciato il 28 luglio 2014, il Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini è uno smartphone dotato di fotocamera posteriore da 8 MP, schermo 720p e lettore impronte digitali ed è impermeabile. Rispetto al suo fratello più anziano, il Galaxy S4 Mini, ha uno schermo più grande, autonomia della batteria incrementata e una fotocamera aggiornata.

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There is a flashing light that wastes my battery

Usually there is a flashing light and when I go out and come back the flashing light has depleted the battery power

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The Essential Toolkit

The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

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The flashing light uses very little power as compared to the wifi or cell tower radios. It is doubtful that the small LED light you are seeing is responsible for the battery drain.

To find out what is really draining your battery, open the settings page on the phone and click on the line that says battery. That will show you what has been using the largest portion of your battery.

The fix from there depends on what is causing the battery drain.

If you are certain that this LED flashing light is causing the drain, go to Settings – My device – LED indicator. From there you can choose your notification options.

There is an app on Google Play called NoLED that may also help you set up the LED light, or stop it from coming on at all.

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