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Power bank damaged, is it safe and trouble free to use?

I have ordered a power bank in aluminium casing. The seller paid less care about the packaging and protection during transportation, the device (ca 220 g) had a dent on the edge of its aluminium body. I presume the shock was quite hard to do such through 2 layers of thin cardboard and 1 layer of bubble wrap. It turns on, seems to charge up and down. But I am very worried about keeping it, since this is Li-Ion battery inside, which adds anxiety about safety. It could have suffered as well, so as electronics, and it might fail later, who knows.

The seller is like a parrot keeps on telling they will compensate at some extent, but seems like to disagree to give me replacement etc. I know, to be free of worries is to use a device with no damages even cosmetic ones. But what do you, experts, say - is technically OK to use such a charger? if there was not obvious damage of the battery, is it safe for myself, for the devices that will be charged from the power bank?

Thank you in advance!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here are the pictures.

I am pretty sure the manufacturer's warranty is void already. So, the seller's proposition is good for him only.

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Take a picture of the dent and post it here. Depending on the severity of the dent then it is okay in some cases.


Ben, I am new here and I am not sure, if you would be notified if I added the pictures to the original question.

Please, when you are nearby, take a look at those. Thanks!


Should be fine. The batteries inside are usually not squished in to a point where it is jammed inside the housing.


Thank you for your answer, however what about the electronics? Is there a chance it was shaken so hard that it could be affected?


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The damage shown in the picture is not over the section of the device that houses the Li-ion battery cells, so it should not pose any safety risks.

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Thank you too for answering me!


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