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Released in June 2013, the Galaxy Mega is a 6.3" smartphone featuring a 720P display, dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera.

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"Unfortunately, netalpha has stopped"?

My phone has a box that won't go away, it says Unfortunately, netalpha has stopped" I keep pressing ok and it just won't go away. I have already done a master reset on my phone, which has erased everything, but after doing the master reset and my phone reboots and turns back on to the original "select language" screen that box pops right back up.....PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ELSE TO DO......


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I have this problem too

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the problem I have is that my phone is not set for data transfer, and because I can't get past the popup. I can't change it, so my laptop can't see the phone. so Im stuck


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